Multnomah University

"Multnomah creates an environment for personal, spiritual and intellectual growth. It gives a framework from which to approach all of life."

Luke Cirillo
Bible and Theology graduate
Development director,
Pregnancy Resource Center


About Multnomah

Since 1936, Multnomah University has been teaching men and women how to apply biblical wisdom to all facets of their lives. We're committed to keeping the unchanging Word of God central to all we do and teach at Multnomah, and this commitment is embodied in our core values and mission.

As a biblical university, we help students deepen their understanding of the Word and their chosen field while they explore the complexities of modern society. By the time they graduate, they're prepared to be a transforming force in their church, their community and their world. 

Our Learning Environment

Multnomah offers an array of undergraduate, seminary and graduate programs. All of them are rooted in the truth of God’s Word and the recognition that every student has something valuable to offer. Our professors teach students how to interpret the Word for themselves, and they join them in learning opportunities that span the globe. The result: Our students emerge with the experience and biblical wisdom they need to make a significant contribution to their area of focus.

Our Family

The close-knit nature of our community is a true gift. Our students, faculty and staff are part of a family that’s right in step with Jesus, praying, worshiping and living life together. Against this backdrop, they form incredibly rich relationships that stand the test of time. That sense of family extends to the alumni and givers who help us fulfill our mission every day. We’re all drawn to MU for the same reasons: to serve each other as we grow in our faith, and to make the most of the talents that God has entrusted to us.

Our Neighborhood

Our Portland students are in a pretty sweet spot. They’re minutes from spacious parks, a short drive from downtown and refreshingly close to snow-capped mountains, sweeping vistas, ocean waves, scenic trails — on it goes. They’re also connected to service, ministry and internship opportunities that speak directly to their interests. Our Reno and Seattle students are making a difference in their neighborhoods as well — and they’re welcomed as a redeeming presence in any setting.

Our Global Impact

Our students and alumni are transforming lives and serving communities across the street and around the world. They’re promoting healing as counselors and ministering to congregations throughout the country. They’re providing comfort to orphans in southern India and lending their energy to cultural development projects in Africa. And no matter where God leads them, they’re building on the lessons they learned at Multnomah and treating people from all walks of life with respect, sensitivity and dignity.

Our Commitment to You

We place a high priority on delivering an exceptional education at an affordable price. Our undergraduate tuition is $7,000 less than the national average, while our graduate, seminary and degree completion programs represent a compelling value as well. And because we recognize the challenges that many families face when financing their education, we offer a full range of scholarships, grants and awards that are designed to meet the needs of our students. It’s all part of our commitment to you.