Our Faculty

Committed to faith, free to think

Our faculty is composed of outstanding men and women hailing from around the globe who serve as thought leaders in their areas of expertise. They believe God’s wisdom provides the foundation for all academic explorations, and they skillfully apply the unchanging truth of his Word to the changing contours of our culture. Combining their love for the Bible with cutting edge research provides our students with the best quality educational experience possible.

Multnomah's professors don’t tell students what to think — they teach them how to think well so they can humbly interpret the Word for themselves. Several core doctrines unify our faculty, but they’re free thinkers, and they’ll always give generous space to disagree and converse. That’s just the nature of our learning environment.

Beyond educators

Our faculty members are authors, speakers, pastors, advocates, counselors and scholars. They travel with students to Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. They spearhead groundbreaking research projects. And they lead conferences addressing topics such as social justice, immigration and racial reconciliation. 

But they go far beyond their job as educators. Every day they add incredible depth and perspective to the academic experience by serving as mentors and friends. Whether they're meeting a student for coffee in Roger's or welcoming them into their home for dinner, they take the time to show they care.

It all adds up to a faculty that's deeply committed to helping students cultivate the skills they need to follow God's call in their lives. Countless MU graduates have emerged as insightful scholars, compassionate leaders and agents of positive change. Our professors are proud to be a part of their journeys.

Faculty Directories




We encourage our faculty to explore and discover God’s truth within the freedom of our historical faith statements, which they must agree to annually by signing the univeristy's doctrinal and values statement. While we promote research and publishing, MU does not endorse any publications by its faculty, administration, board or alumni. Only the board chair, president or an officially designated spokesperson can speak on behalf of the university.