Curt Heitschmidt: Business Management

Curt Heitschmidt worked in construction for more than 20 years. His cabinet business was successful, and he was enjoying life with his wife and three kids. But he was ready for something different.

“I decided to drop everything and finish my degree because I wanted to learn more about business after owning one for so long,” Heitschmidt says. “I knew that I could study business anywhere, but the business and Bible combination was what I really wanted.”

Multnomah stood out as his best option. So he enrolled as a business management major in the Degree Completion Program.

“It was intimidating to write the essay about why I wanted to attend Multnomah,” he says. “I don’t remember much of what I wrote, but it was mostly about key figures in my life who had showed me what it looks like to be a Christian.”

Heitschmidt was accepted, and he entered the program excited to grow in his faith. Studying the business and Bible with his classmates has not been disappointing. They even make things more fun by bringing food to share. “But my cohort experience has been a good mix,” he says. “It’s great to come together around a meal and support each other.”

Going back to school is always challenging, and Heitschmidt’s journey is no different. “Chaos is a constant theme in my life right now,” he says. “My family and I have just moved, my wife works nights, and I am enrolled full-time in the DCP program.” But he has no regrets. He even insists his homework load has been manageable alongside his other duties. “I had to ease back into homework because it had been so long!” he says.

Heitschmidt says he’ll probably return to construction after he graduates. But he’ll return to his field with a revived understanding of what it means to combine Bible with career.

“I’m learning that the Bible isn’t just a handbook,” he says. “It never specifically tells you what to do in each situation. You have to figure out how to bring its principles into the work environment.” Multnomah is the tool teaching him to do just that.

Note: The business management degree was formerly known as management & ethics. The name was changed January 2016, but the program is the same.