Kristi Lambing: Experiencing Growth

When Kristi Lambing’s husband graduated from MU’s degree completion program, their lives changed in a big way. He had been commuting to DCP classes once a week from the couple’s home in Seattle. But when he decided to enroll in seminary, Lambing knew they needed to move.

“I told him I wanted to be a full part of the experience,” she says. “We could stay on campus, I could meet his teachers and get to know the atmosphere he’s in. We thought, “If God wants us to do this, the doors will open.’”

And sure enough, the doors did open, including one to their new home just steps from the seminary. “The housing process went so smoothly,” Lambing says. “It’s neat to live on campus. It’s a small community, and everything we need is here. It’s really been a good transition for us.”

Lambing decided to take full advantage of her time at the University and joined the degree completion program. “The professors are really good,” she says. “I’ve been taking the DCP classes for three months now, and I’ve really been experiencing growth from God.”

Someday Lambing wants to work in a pregnancy resource center. “I want to be able to mentor young women,” she says. Her experience as a mother of four — and now as a scholar — will definitely get her there.