Kylie Cole: Elementary Education

Want to make a difference? Welcome to the club. Our students and alumni are touching lives and making an impact around the world or in their own backyards — and their experience at Multnomah helped point them in the right direction. 
Kylie Cole started her own business, Cherry Tree Preschool, just a year after she graduated. “Multnomah gave me the tools for my toolbox that I needed,” says the elementary education major. “I know how to build a curriculum and work well with kids. My education equipped me mentally, emotionally and spiritually for this.”
Other colleges had the degree she wanted, but the relational aspect Cole found at Multnomah made her stay for good. “It wasn’t just a school,” she says. “The professors have a genuine interest in you; they’ll stop and pray with you. It’s not about them — it’s all about the students. That has a lasting impact.”
That impact inspired Cole to blaze her own trail in the world of education. Every day is filled numbers, letters and shapes, but Cole doesn’t stop there. “Values and morals are a huge thing we focus on,” she says, adding that she avoided making her business a Christian school for one reason: “I wanted this to be my ministry,” she says. “I have atheists, agnostics, all kinds of people coming to my school. I want to show them God’s love.”