Regina Molokomme: MA in Christian Leadership

Regina Molokomme came all the way from South Africa to follow the call of God. "When God calls you, he calls you as you are," she says. "When he calls you, know that he provides. God opened the door for me to take up my calling, and that's how I came to MU."

Before 2002, Molokomme would have had a different response to God's call. She was content with her teaching career, and she never guessed that things would change. But when the AIDS epidemic struck her own household, she didn’t know how to react. Both her parents died from the disease. Her brother was poisoned and died in his sleep. “I had three deaths in three successive years,” she says. “That was a turning point in my spiritual life.”

Although she was shaken, Molokomme used her suffering to propel her forward: She began educating herself on a solution for AIDS. Molokomme connected with an organization for religious leaders dealing with the effects of HIV/AIDS and dedicated her time to prayer meetings, travel and support visits to marginalized communities. In 2008, her efforts received recognition from the United Nations and she was given the Red Ribbon Award. “I was put on a platform where my voice could be heard and I could listen to other nations and have a voice in the world,” she says. “For the first time, I saw God in everything.”

When Molokomme realized how God was directing her life, she began to consider going into ministry. A friend and MU alum visited South Africa and told her about Multnomah’s counseling program and unique history of prayer. She said, “God, this is where I belong,” and her visit to campus was confirmation. “God is here, and prayers get answered here,” she says. “I knew there was something about this place.”

But the call of God isn’t often an overnight thing. It was three years until God made it possible for Molokomme to come to Multnomah. “God dealt with and equipped and prepared and tested me until finally I knew that my doors were opened,” she says.

Molokomme has settled into the rhythm of her studies at Multnomah and is pursuing an MA in Christian Leadership. She appreciates the challenging courses and inviting community. “The classes can impact heavily,” she says. “There is also a lot of commitment to serving God. There is a bubbling, exciting explosion of the Spirit of God at work.”

She is also involved with Women of Purpose, a local group of ethnically diverse women who meet on MU's campus every week. Together the women support each other in prayer and share how God is using them for impact and purpose in Portland and beyond. 

“I’ve always been a world-changer who is passionate about influencing nations,” she says. “I have learned to never fear or idolize people — even presidents and important people.” Molokomme is convinced that God is preparing her to minister to world leaders, and she’s eager to see how her studies at MU will relate to her work with the UN.“I will wait and see where God wants me to go,” she says. “If he says to go back home, I will go.”

Although she's not certain what her future holds, Molokomme is confident that she will leave MU prepared and made ready to serve. “I can’t come here and leave as the same Regina,” she says. “You come out of this place as a leader.”