Shane Lambing: Biblical Studies

Shane Lambing was working as a paralegal in downtown Seattle when he felt God calling him back to school. Lambing was skeptical. “I said, ‘Lord, if you really want me to go back to school, you’ll have to open the doors,’” he says. “About 30 seconds later, I heard a radio ad for Multnomah’s degree completion program, .”

The doors kept opening after that. Lambing applied to the biblical studies, , got accepted and began commuting 428 miles on Monday nights. The trips were long, but the academic environment Lambing joined was worth the drive. “Cohorts are awesome,” he says. “They become five or six of your best friends. You begin to build a community that has a lot higher level of participation, which makes the whole class function better.”

Lambing dreamt of continuing on to seminary after graduating, but he wasn’t sure how to work out the details. “Because of my experience in the DCP, I was able to get a scholarship to seminary,” he says. “It was very encouraging.”

Transitioning into seminary, though, meant moving out of Seattle. Lambing’s family moved into campus housing, and Lambing’s wife was accepted into the DCP. The couple was impressed that part-time students could get on-campus housing too. “It’s a unique thing that MU cares so much for its degree completion students that they provide them with a lot of the same things you can get as a full-time, traditional student,” Lambing says. “You’re juggling so many different things in your life, and the fact that Multnomah does such a good job valuing you lets you know that they’re out for you to succeed.”

Now Lambing has his sights set on a Ph.D. in historical theology. There’s a long road ahead of him, but he knows he has a strong foundation. “The DCP program will always hold a special place in my heart,” he says. “It was a really spectacular experience.”

Note: The biblical studies degree was formerly known as biblical foundations. The name was changed January 2016, but the program is the same.