What can you do with an applied psychology degree?

Potential career paths 

Applied Psychology graduates often find employment in one of the following career fields:


An understanding of human behavior can be useful to students interested in careers in management and business, especially in the areas of sales, real estate, insurance, marketing, customer service, recruiting, labor relations, and administration.

Criminal justice

A psychology degree is good preparation for a job as a correctional treatment specialist, correctional officer, probation officer, or parole officer. Advancement may depend on earning a master's in social work, psychology, or criminal justice. 

Health care

Students interested in a health-related career might want to consider a degree in applied psychology.  While most positions will require an advanced degree, jobs can be found in hospital or medical clinic facilities as an intake assessment, patient relations representative, community counselor, psychometrics, behavioral technician/counselor, and wellness coordinator. 

Human resources

Job openings in human resources often list psychology among the preferred majors as a desired qualification.  Human resource professionals perform a wide-range of activities such as training, recruiting, payroll, labor relations, benefits, coaching, performance evaluations, and analysis. 

Human services

Psychology majors are motivated to help people improve their lives and can find ample opportunities to find employment in community centers, schools, treatment facilities, churches, and other agencies directly after graduation. The type of jobs a graduate can find in this area include case manager, community development coordinator, behavioral interventionist, residential treatment specialist, youth services coordinator, mental health worker, social work assistant, and residential life skills trainer.

Graduate studies

The applied psychology program will also prepare students for graduate studies in counseling, education, business or psychology.