Alternative Credit Options

Are you lacking the 60 credit hours needed to enroll in your program? Multnomah offers alternative ways for you to begin right now. Students transferring at least 24 semester hours of credit can apply as a Pre-Degree Completion student and use a variety of options to earn credit.

Credit by Examination

A maximum of 30 semester hours of credit can be transferred through the following options:

  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

          Interested in taking a CLEP exam at Multnomah University?

  • DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests)

Military Transcipts

Online Courses

You may find online courses a convenient way to earn the additional degree requirements you need. All online courses are offered in conjunction with the Consortium of Online Christian Colleges (COCC).

The University makes the following options available:
  • Online courses developed and taught by Multnomah University faculty are available in eight week long sessions. 
  • Additional online courses are available through Learning Solutions.  

Questions? Contact the Degree Completion Office for further information.

Online Courses

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

At Multnomah University, we understand the value that experience has in the lives of adult students.  Since many of these life experiences contain learning that's comparable to what someone might learn in a college course, we offer students the opportunity to have their learning evaluated through our PLA process.  This allows you the opportunity to earn credit by demonstrating college-level learning acquired through life experience.  

Evaluation of credit is done through one of the following:

  • Professional Training Experiences - Employee training programs often teach subject matter that's comparable to what is taught for college credit. With the appropriate documentation, students can petition the University for credit consideration for these types of training experiences.  
  • Learning Experience Essays - As adult learners, you've gained valuable knowledge on your own through various personal and professional experiences.  Students petition the University for credit consideration by writing learning experience essays describing the learning from their experiences.  

Do you have any questions about earning credit through one of these options? Contact us today!