Leadership and Ministry Degree


Sharpen your leadership skills and hone your God-given talents as you lay the groundwork for the next exciting step on your career path. This major will prepare you for a career in service to a church, parachurch organization or nonprofit organization by teaching you the key principles of ministry leadership. You'll also grow in your knowledge of the Bible and the relational skills necessary to lead organizations. 

What can you do with a leadership and ministry degree? 

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Program features 

  • Complete the program in as little as 22 months
  • Attend class one night a week (Monday or Thursday from 6-10 p.m.)
  • Take one course at a time
  • Discussion-centered learning model
  • Courses taught by faculty members with ministry experience 

What you'll learn

  • A thorough understanding of the Bible and theological concepts
  • How to communicate successfully with others in a way that fosters greater understanding
  • An understanding of the various structures and functions commonly found in churches
  • The abilities and skills required to effectively lead others
  • The strategies most useful in evangelism and discipleship as gleaned from the life of Christ
  • How to prepare and deliver an effective biblical message
  • The biblical and psychological principles applied to counseling


Bible/theology core

  • BIB 111D Old Testament Pentateuch
  • BIB 327D Old Testament Prophetic Books
  • BIB 115D New Testament Gospels
  • BIB 325D New Testament Acts and Pauline Letters
  • BIB 113D Bible Study Methods
  • TH 200D Introduction to Theology

Leadership and ministry major

  • HIS 315D History of Christianity
  • LM 300D Communication Concepts
  • LM 206D Essentials of Management
  • PHL 312D Principles of Ethics
  • LM 400D Case Studies in Leadership
  • LM 112D The Church and Ministry
  • LM 303 Dynamics of Christian Counseling
  • LM 201D Evangelism and Discipleship
  • LM 310D Effective Communication of Scripture
  • PHL 211D Introduction to Philosophy and Christian Thought

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2016-17 costs

Tuition - $465 per credit hour

The Leadership and Ministry program is 48 credit hours taken over four terms for a total program tuition cost of $22,320. Your tuition rate stays locked-in when you stay enrolled with your original cohort. Students who transfer to another cohort or change majors are subject to a change fee and are charged the current tuition rate.

Technology Fee - $115 per term

Textbooks - Costs vary from program to program but budget between $200 - $400 per term.  Used, rental or digital versions may cost less.

Financial aid

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Admission requirements

To qualify for admission, applicants must:

  • Submit an application
  • Submit official transcripts from all schools previously attended
  • Possess a minimum of 60 credit hours* 
  • Have at least two years of full-time work experience
  • Complete program prerequisite (i.e., English Composition)

*Applicants with less than 60 hours may still enroll as pre-cohort students by taking a variety of courses on campus or online.

Graduation requirements

To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Ministry, students must:

  • Complete 124 semester hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher
  • Complete the 48 semester hours in the Degree Completion Program
  • Complete 43 semester hours of Electives
  • Complete 33 semester hours of General Education requirements including:
    • English/Communication (8 hours)
    • Humanities (6 hours)
    • Social Science (6 hours)
    • Natural Science and Math (9 hours)
    • General Education Electives (4 hours)
  • Complete the Service Learning requirement

Contact our Degree Completion Admissions Coordinator Deborah Lee at 503.251.6591 or deborahlee@multnomah.edu.