Course Descriptions

Leadership Core

LM 300D Communication Concepts

An introduction to the concepts of effective oral and written communication to include functioning in teams and other organizational settings as well as interpersonal exchanges.

LM 206D Essentials of Management

A study of the five parts of managing organizations–planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling/evaluating–with the study of principles for application of both not-for-profit and forprofit organizations and applications with references to Scripture.

PHL 312D Principles of Ethics

A study of theoretical and practical problems of moral conduct and proposed solutions with an emphasis upon the nature of ethics, values, rights, obligations and opportunities.

LM 400D Case Studies in Leadership

Case studies will be selected for in-depth study of the application of leadership concepts with particular reference to those concepts found in Scripture. Students will develop a written analysis of their style of leadership. Related issues are introduced through readings.

Ministry Core

LM 112D The Church & Ministry

The student will gain an understanding of a Biblical concept of the local church in its essence, purpose, and program, which includes its structures, systems and strategies; an understanding of the nature and functions of church leadership will be attained. The student will articulate (written and oral) a personal position on these issues.

LM 303D Dynamics of Christian Counseling

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the counseling profession from a Christian perspective. It will explore how biblical and psychological principles may be integrated and applied to counseling issues. It will also describe the counseling process and the nature and role of the counselor as a person and as a professional.

LM 201D Evangelism and Discipleship

A study of the nature, purpose and process of biblical evangelism and its application to various ministries; a study of New Testament discipleship principles and their application, with a special emphasis upon building discipling relationships and small group ministry.

LM 310D Effective Communication of Scripture

This cross-training module introduces the principles and skills necessary to effectively communicate Scripture through teaching and preaching delivery. This course allows for the development and application of skills learned.

Bible/Theology Core 

BIB 111D Old Testament Pentateuch

Explores the five books of Moses with emphasis on Genesis, Exodus, the institutions of Israel and the history of the nation in its formative period. Special emphasis on understanding the geography of the Near East.

BIB 327D O.T. Prophetic Books

A study of the prophetic books (Isaiah-Malachi) including a chronology of the prophets with special attention given to the religious, social, and political message of the prophets. 

BIB 115D New Testament Gospels 

An inductive study of the four canonical gospels of the New Testament with cross-references to other Scriptures to explain the early life, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

BIB 325D New Testament Acts and Pauline Letters

Explores the history of the beginnings of the Christian church as described in the book of Acts, and the letters written by the Apostle Paul with special emphasis given to the student’s use of correct hermeneutical principles and procedures. Personal application of Scripture will be stressed.

BIB 113D Bible Study Methods 

This course includes both basic hermeneutics and Bible study methods. It is a study of the formation of the Bible and a survey of the principles and practice (methods) of independent Bible study, including an emphasis on grammatical-historical interpretation of the Bible.

Th 200D Introduction to Theology

An introduction to the study of theology, including theological methodology and the main topics of systematic theology. Brief surveys of the theology of God, the Bible, Humanity, Christ, Salvation, the Holy Spirit, the Church and Last Things.

HIS 315D History of Christianity

A study of the history of Christendom from apostolic to modern times with special attention to periods of growth and decline, doctrines and heresies, effect on society, and the development of denominations.

PHL 211D Introduction to Philosophy and Christian Thought 

An introduction to Western thought focusing on the role and function of philosophy as it relates to worldviews and understanding the fundamental uses of critical thinking as means for evaluating the various worldview claims.