Church Leadership Degree

Maybe somebody's told you that you can't make a difference – maybe because you're too young, or because you're a woman. But church history tells again and again the story of young women and men whom God uses to impact their generations. What if God wants to use you to advance his kingdom in your lifetime? The hope of the world is found in the local church. Why not join the adventure?

Jesus calls women and men from every generation to develop missional communities of followers who declare and display the glory of God in faith, hope and love. While much about pastoral ministry has changed over the generations, its central concerns of biblical preaching, congregational leading and soul-care remain the same. The Church Leadership program develops believers who engage in redemptive leadership through spiritual direction and soul care; ministerial leadership; and relevant biblical preaching.

What can you do with a church leadership degree?

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Points of distinction

  • Join a community of faith where you can know others and be known by others in an authentic way; love and be loved; serve and be served; celebrate and be celebrated; and help accomplish the redemptive purpose of Christ.
  • Take part in advanced studies in fields such as theology, preaching, counseling, spiritual direction, leadership and more.

Degree requirements

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Costs and financial aid

Tuition for 2017-18 is $24,100/per year.

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