What can you do with a church leadership degree?

Church leadership majors learn the art of redemptive leadership – gospel-centered, transformational guidance that practices the following:

  • Spiritual Direction and Soul Care – The nurturance and care of people; helping them experience the presence of God and follow Christ in obedience.
  • Ministerial Leadership – Ability to lead one’s self, another person, a small group and a larger group to pursue the mission of the church.
  • Relevant biblical preaching – Interpret the world of an audience and the meaning of the Word of God and then communicate with an audience how to live wisely from the Bible.

Common career paths 

  • Bible translation
  • Missions
  • Education
  • Social work
  • Chaplaincy 
  • Counseling
  • Pastoral roles (lead, senior, youth, children's)

Student story 

Church leadership major Davey Walker is impressed by MU's well-trained professors and their investment in students.