Elementary Education Degree

Teaching as a profession, and as a way to fulfill the Great Commission, is incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally. If this is the direction you believe God is leading you, we encourage you to consider enrolling in this program.

Our mission is to prepare educators who think critically, respond compassionately and work strategically so they may enter any educational setting — public, private, international, corporate, secular or sectarian — qualified to capably and effectively meet the needs of every student.

We warmly welcome you to join the community of believers in the Teacher Education Program who are committed to affecting the lives of future generations through the field of formal education. 

What can you do with an elementary education degree?

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Points of distinction 

Our course of study includes three strands:

  • Bible/theology: A strong foundation from incredibly knowledgeable faculty.
  • General Education: Courses that will prepare you well to have a broad knowledge base in a wide range of subjects so that you are able to teach all subject areas in kindergarten through 8th grade in a self-contained classroom.
  • Professional Education: Courses in classroom management, methods, lesson planning, literacy instruction, and how to teach in diverse settings; everything you need to be prepared to teach in any setting.


This four-year degree program consisting of 120 semester-credit hours. Students who enroll at MU who wish to become licensed early childhood and/or elementary teachers will declare elementary education as a major when they enter as freshmen and follow a prescribed layout in order to get all the requirements within the four years.

You must successfully complete your first year and a half before you can apply to the Teacher Education Program. During the spring term of your sophomore year, you are eligible to apply for entry into the Teacher Education Program.

As a part of your application process, you will go through fingerprinting for the state of Oregon and take an entrance exam, a test required by TSPC. More information about this test and about the process of applying for the Teacher Education Program is in the Teacher Education Handbook.

Special scholarships for teachers

The Marvin O. Johnson Scholarship offers up to five $5,000 in scholarships a year for qualified teacher education students in their junior and senior years. Visit the Financial Aid section and/or contact them for more information.

Degree requirements

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Costs and financial aid

Tuition for 2017-18 is $24,100/per year.

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