Exercise Science

Study what moves you

Submerge yourself in the science of human movement. Develop deep research skills and powerful problem-solving techniques. And emerge as a critical thinker who's equipped to pursue a rewarding career in the fitness industry or healthcare community. It's all possible with an exercise science degree from MU.  

What you'll be able to do with an exercise science degrees

  • Articulate a balanced and multi-disciplinary approach to the field of human health.
  • Apply principles of health science in order to lead clients to improved health habits.
  • Express thirst for discovering knowledge about the human body and an appreciation for its function and development.
  • Articulate an undertsanding of the science research process and its application as it relates to the professional standards of exercise science.
  • Integrate the discipline of exercise science with Christian theological principles.
  • Effectively use and critically evaluate the current scientific literature in this discipline.
  • Effectively communicate the standards and current practices in the field of exercise sciences to both professional audiences and lay people.
  • Demonstrate the foundational educational training needed to enter pathways that lead to further graduate level training in health sciences and sports medicine.

What kind of job can I get with an exercise science degree? 

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Financial aid

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