What can you do with a global studies degree?

  • Understand theological and biblical principles for engaging in global career paths and issues (GS 1)
  • Analyze socio-cultural and socio-economic perspectives that have shaped our globalized world (GS 2)
  • Analyze both historical and contemporary factors that have led to the ebb and flow of growth within global Christianity (GS 3)
  • Reflect critically on the role of the Church in distinct socio-cultural contexts (GS 4)
  • Gain God’s heart and love for all of humanity and respond with compassion to a plethora of human conditions and situations that exist today (GS 5)
  • Develop communication techniques and cultural competency through specialized learning in intercultural communications and cultural sensitivity (GS 6)
  • Learn how to incorporate evangelism and church-based ministry in distinct socio-cultural settings and global career paths (GS 7)
  • Application of recognized best practices in responding to a variety of human conditions today (GS 8)

Common career paths

  • Graduate studies in justice work or global development
  • Global/international development
  • International affairs
  • Non-profit management
  • Intercultural ministries
  • Social justice
  • Linguistics
  • Missions
  • Bible translation
  • Foreign service

Positions global studies graduates have held

  • Director of Worship and Arts, Imago Dei Community
  • Case Manager, Immigrant Refugee Services
  • English Teacher in Asia
  • Director of Church Relations, Africa New Life
  • Community Center Director, Grace Ministries in Puerto Rico
  • Director of Anti-Human Trafficking Center in India
  • Relief and Development worker in Kosovo

Job outlook

The global studies program equips students for a variety of career and vocational ministry options both domestically and internationally: Bible translation; intercultural and multi-ethnic ministry contexts; inter-governmental and policy-making organizations; missions; non-profit work; refugee resettlement; urban outreach; and law enforcement.

Student stories

  • Global studies major Rachel Piñon was struck by the kind of people she met at MU. Now she's enjoying a rich life on campus.
  • Global studies major Heidi Burch traveled to Rwanda, where she volunteered with a nonprofit helping street children.