Psychology Degree

The mission of the Psychology Department is to prepare students to work with people in need by training them in the basic principles and practices of psychology while integrating a biblical worldview. Our program employs the liberal arts in providing an understanding of social scientific perspectives on human behavior in a practitioner/scholar model.

What can you do with a psychology degree? 

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Points of distinction

The major in psychology focuses on five central themes:

  1. Foundational Psychological History and Theory
  2. Psychological Research
  3. Personal and Human Development
  4. Human Diversity Issues
  5. A Biblical Approach Through A Senior Practicum Experience

Psychology minor

A minor in psychology will assist students to view their course of study within a social framework and will allow for a better understanding of how to work with people. The minor also provides opportunities to study a broad spectrum of psychologically related issues concerning human nature and behavior with integration from a biblical worldview. 

Online option

Our psychology program is available fully online. Learn more about MU Online.

Degree requirements

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Costs and financial aid

Tuition for 2017-18 is $24,100/per year.

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