Youth Ministry FAQ

Q: Why choose the Youth Ministry major? 

A:  Many people believe that the youth worker has the most significant job in the church, because young people have the potential to change the world.  They are also in a place of great potential danger with the decisions they make and the friends they hang out with.  If you choose Youth Ministry you will probably not become rich, and you may not be well-respected, but you will have a tremendously meaningful life, and you will have the potential to change the world.  

The Youth Ministry major at Multnomah is extremely practical and inter-disciplinary in nature.  Courses draw from a number of related fields, including Leadership, Discipleship, Communication, Psychology, Education and Sociology.  Students enrolled in the major will benefit from a broad educational experience.  The major is also set up to allow the students to tailor their program around their specific gifting and interests.  We offer a number of Pastoral, Educational Ministry, Psychology, Intercultural and Worship courses as part of the major.   Additionally, the department is characterized with good-hearted people who love God and enjoy life.  

Q: Is the content learned in classes directly relatable to my ministry? 

A: Vocational youth leaders are consistently in demand in Portland.  Almost all of our Youth Ministry students serve in a local ministry, and many of them hold paid positions.  This is evident in the course content and also class discussions.  Real-life examples often shape the outcomes of each particular class.  

Q: What is the content in classes like? 

A: The classes we offer at Multnomah cover a variety of issues, including spiritual formation, discipleship, programming strategies, youth culture, sociology, psychology, leadership training and communication to youth.  Elective classes also deal with educational strategies, global youth ministry, worldview and ministry in the city. 

Q:  Is studying Youth Ministry a good long-term move?

A: There is tremendous irony in the fact that many ministry-minded young people avoid the Youth Min. department because they believe they will eventually "grow out" of youth ministry, only to graduate with another major and be hired full-time as a Youth Worker.  We regularly hear from graduates that regret the fact that they didn't take more Youth Ministry courses, and we never hear of graduates regretting the Y.M. courses they have taken.  Youth Ministry courses will make you a better parent, a better grandparent, a better neighbor and a better Christian worker in any discipline.  You will be able to use these skills whether you work with young people for life or go on to other ministries. 

Q: What is the homework load like in the Youth Ministry program?

A: Alongside other homework that students have from other classes, youth ministry assignments generally consist of papers, ministry projects, debriefing current events/ministries, reading assignments, going to conferences, and strategizing and implementation of ideas into ministry. These are just a few examples, but this course of study is rigorous and will challenge you to grow not only academically, but also spiritually.