Online Courses

We now have online courses available through a Consortium with Knowledge Elements. The courses offered are the same every semester. They are 3 credits each unless otherwise noted.

  • COMW205 - Public Speaking
  • ECNW231 - Macroeconomics (counts as Social Science)
  • ECNW232 - Microeconomics (counts as Social Science)
  • ENGW131 - English Composition I (counts as College Writing)
  • ENGW132 - English Composition II (counts as Critical Reading and Writing)
  • ENGW232 - American Literature (counts as Literature)
  • ENGW233 - English Literature (counts as Literature)
  • ENGW234 - Literature of CS Lewis (counts as Humanities Elective)
  • HUMW131 - Music Appreciation (counts as Fine Arts)
  • HSTW231 - Western Civilization I
  • HSTW232 - Western Civilization II
  • MGTW332 - Organizational Behavior (counts as Upper Division Elective)
  • MGTW434 - Teams & the Work Process (counts as Upper Division Elective)
  • MGTW437 - Manage. of Human Res. (counts as Upper Division Elective)
  • MTHW133 - College Algebra (counts as Contemporary Math)
  • PSYW100 - General Psychology (counts as Social Science)
  • SCIW131/111 - Earth Science w/ lab- 4 credits (counts as Lab Science)
  • SCIW132 - Life Science (counts as other Science)
  • SCIW133 - Health Science (counts as other Science)
  • SOCW101 - Intro to Sociology (counts as Social Science)

There are various lengths and start and end times throughout the year. Students can only register for the courses while registration is open for a term. All students must have permission to register (this can be done by "requesting permission" while registering in Self Service and explaining why you want to take an online class).

The online courses cost $460 per credit hour for traditional, part-time students.

For more information contact the Registrar's office.