Multnomah University

Life Experience Credits

Credit by Demonstrated Competency (CDC/Life Experience Credit)

CDC allows a student the opportunity to gain degree-applicable credit by submitting an essay describing a learning experience along with proven, certified training or evaluated life-experience. The cost to submit a petition is $50 per petitioned credit. Multnomah University will evaluate such work according to standards established by accrediting associations when applying credit toward a degree.

  • Sponsored Professional Training (SPT)
    • Write a short essay on the learning achieved and include certification and documentation showing the work completed. Certification may include, but is not limited to the following areas:
      • Workshops
      • Seminars
      • Non-credit classes or CEU credit
      • Training courses
  • Life Application Essay (LAE)
    • Write a large essay explaining what was learned and how it was or can be applied. Essays can include, but are not limited to the following areas:
      • Volunteer work
      • Significant life-changing event
      • Ministry
      • Work experience lacking certified training documentation

Appropriate faculty members will evaluate the submitted essay and determine what credit might be warranted. During the admissions process the Degree Completion Program staff can provide you with an estimated number of CDC credits you might expect to receive through this program. Estimates of credit are not guaranteed. Credit offerings are up to the discretion of the University faculty, Academic Dean and purview of the offerings of Multnomah University.

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