Students may begin their clinical training at approved internship sites when the following criteria have been met: 

i.    Successful completion of COU 545 “Practicum”

ii.    Completion of an approved Curriculum Vita

iii.    Attend the MAC department “Internship Info Session” either June or January

iv.    Obtain current and valid malpractice insurance policy

v.    Receive Satisfactory Faculty Evaluations

Multnomah’s MAC program includes the application of theory in direct clinical experience. While enrolled in clinical courses, students have the opportunity to provide direct clinical service to clients in community agencies approved by the school. This hands-on training augments and enhances the academic knowledge in the classroom. The training received at an approved site is interchangeably termed clinical placement, field placement, or internship. It is through these designated training agencies that students obtain their hours of clinical experience. These community agencies include counseling centers, schools, medical facilities, religious and ministry settings, and social services agencies.

Regardless of when students begin their clinical internship, students must be enrolled in either COU 605 or COU 645 when seeing clients and obtaining clinical hours and experience at an approved site. Students will graduate with 700 total clinical hours, 300 of which will be client based.

Multnomah’s MAC department provides each student with the “Approved List of Internship Sites” during the Internship Info Session held every June and January, as well as, provide each student with support as they begin their internship search. These services provide a valuable link to community resources and professional activities for students and assist students in acquiring supervised clinical experience (internships) in qualified training agencies throughout Oregon and Washington.

Partnerships with Multnomah University include the following:

  • Luke-Dorf
  • Union Gospel Mission Salem
  • Union Gospel Mission- Women and Children
  • North West Family Services
  • Youth Guidance
  • Lutheran Community Services
  • Pivot Point Counseling Center
  • Center Point
  • Salvation Army ARC
  • Montavilla Community Mental Health
  • Columbia Christian School
  • Safe Transitions
  • New Life Christian Counseling
  • Open House Ministries

This list is not exhaustive as we build new partnerships on a regular basis. Our students gain experience in community mental health, private practice, and Christian counseling. The internship opportunities available give students the opportunity to work with those dealing with severe mental illness, addiction, comorbid diagnoses, as well as those recovering from abuse and making changes to improve their lives. The populations include men, women, children, couples, and families.