Internship/Job Sources

Global Development and Justice Organizations

Below is a listing of both faith-based and non-religious organizations focusing in the area of Global Development and Justice. These organizations provide internship and/or job opportunities for students looking to work in this field. While the Global Development and Justice Department seeks to provide students with ample opportunities for career and internship placements, we only endorse those organizations that are specifically partnering with the MAGDJ program. Please see the MAGDJ director for guidance on choosing an organization to intern with.

Student internship manual and internship forms (printable version)

Global/International Development and Justice Networking Sites

Partnering Organizations with the M.A. in Global Development and Justice

Mission Agencies (with development or justice opportunities)

Portland Area Organizations (Faith-Based and Non-Religious)

Faith-Based and Non-Religious Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

United States Government

Development Consulting Firms

Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs)

Foundations, Policy Institutes