Course Formats 

Multnomah University currently offers online courses through two learning management systems — Canvas and Atheneo Plus (KEEN). All online students will be issued usernames and passwords for access to the courses and services.


MU Online courses offered through Canvas (which the University refers to as MU Learn) follow an eight-week format. Students in each online class advance through a structured series of course material and learning experiences guided by Multnomah professors. Our assignments require students to engage in both academic and practical activities.

MU Online courses are designed to help you benefit from the learning community around you. We want to connect your life to your education. The things that are most important to you will become key components in your spiritual development, and your interaction with professors and classmates will further enrich your experience.

Course requirements that include online postings follow a schedule for eight-week online courses. That means you may complete assignments at your convenience prior to the due date. MU Online courses are offered multiple times during the year with different starting dates. Students should register for courses at the beginning of each semester. For more information, contact the Registrar's office.


Multnomah offers another online learning option through a consortium with KEEN. These courses are for undergraduate students only. The classes fulfill undergraduate general education requirements and electives, but they can't be substituted for courses in the core curriculum.

Students in each online class advance through a structured series of course material guided by Christian professors. Your classmates will be students from other Christian colleges and universities that have joined the consortium. Although classes will be asynchronous (all students do not need to be online at the same time), you will have regular contact with your instructors and classmates through forums and email.

KEEN courses are offered multiple times during the year with different starting dates. Students should register for courses at the beginning of each semester. For more information, contact the Registrar's office.

Frequently Asked Questions 

General FAQs

What are the technology requirements for MU online students?
View our Technology Requirements page for a list of the requirements.
How are online courses different from traditional courses?
Online courses offered through MU Learn are condensed into eight-week sessions, but they maintain the same quality as their traditional counterparts. Courses offered through KEEN are also about eight weeks long.
Will I be able to complete my degree faster online?
Yes, our condensed courses provide students the shortest path to degree completion. 
How much do online courses cost?
View our Cost & Financial Aid page to view prices.
Do I qualify for financial aid?
Yes, online students are eligible for federal aid. View our Cost & Financial Aid page for more details.
Are there any students who won't be able to take online courses?
Multnomah University is currently authorized to offer online courses in a majority of states. Check the state authorizations and exemptions page for the latest information. If you live in one of these states and meet the requirements for enrollment at Multnomah University, you will meet the requirements for enrollment in our online programs. More states are added to this list periodically. If you wish to take online classes but do not live in one of these states, contact the Admissions Office to ask if Multnomah is in the process of securing authorization for your state. Note that the regulatory requirements of some states make it fiscally imprudent for MU to obtain authorization. 
How often will I interact with my professors and classmates?
When you connect through MU Learn, you'll be able to interact with your Multnomah professors and classmates weekly if not daily. Some faculty utilize web conferencing software to hold live class sessions, which are also recorded with playback capabilities.
How can I track my progress toward my intended degree? 
You can track your progress through regular contact with your academic advisor. Contact the Registrar's office.  

FAQs Regarding Academics

Where can I view a complete online course schedule?
How are Multnomah's online courses accredited?
MU's online courses are accredited by the same accrediting bodies that have approved MU's residential programs: NWCCU and ATS.
How much time will I spend on coursework?
Expect to spend at least 10-15 hours a week per course.
Who are the online instructors?
MU Online courses feature Multnomah University faculty and adjunct faculty with education and experience appropriate to the subject matter. KEEN courses feature Christian instructors who've joined the consortium.
How do I get textbooks? 
You can order your books online through the store of your choice. 

FAQs Regarding Enrollment

When can I register?
Registration dates for online students coincide with MU's traditional registration dates. Registration times can be found in Self-Service. Learn more about registration or contact the Registrar with any questions.
How many courses can I take?
You may take as many courses as you'd like, but we recommend that you take two classes at a time. 
Can I take a mixture of MU Online courses and KEEN courses?
How do I enroll?
Apply for admission to Multnomah University first. After acceptance, you will be told how to enroll in online courses.

FAQs Regarding Transfers

Can I transfer credits from another institution?
Yes, as long as they fit into the program you're pursuing. Coursework that is applicable to your program and from an accredited institution where you received satisfactory grades will most likely transfer. Please note that to graduate from Multnomah, you must earn at least 30 credits from MU. Contact Admissions for details.  

Do you accept credit for Life Experience? 
Yes, through our Prior Learning Experience process.

Can MU Online courses be applied toward the on-campus programs at Multnomah and vice versa?