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Bachelor's Degree in Bible and Theology - Biblical Studies Concentration

Our 124-credit program provides an in-depth study of every book and section of the Bible. You'll be connected with the best linguistic, historical and literary resources while you apply biblical and theological principles to life in today's world.

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

This 124-credit program gives you a thorough understanding of business while grounding you in a biblical worldview. Our professors strongly emphasize ethics and sustainability in the marketplace so you can serve as a redeeming force in any setting.

Bachelor's Degree in Business and Organizational Psychology

This 124-credit program equips you to skillfully assess an entire organizational domain while you focus on aspects that affect an organization’s bottom line. Graduates will utilize their training to create business policies and methodologies with the goal of improving an organization’s ability to better meet the expectations of its customers and stakeholders.

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Our 124-credit program prepares you to work with people in need by training you in the basic principles and practices of psychology. You'll be saturated in biblical wisdom as you focus on five central themes: foundational psychological history and theory; psychological research; personal and human development; human diversity issues; and a biblical approach through a senior practicum experience.