DMin Coursework

Each track of the program provides opportunities to learn from respected instructors.Faculty mentors bring in respected guest lecturers to augment instruction. These lecturers are friends and ministry colleagues of the faculty mentor which allows students to join existing relationships and conversations. By working with and through relational networks, content and classroom interaction is accelerated and deepened.

General Schedule

Year 1
DM 810 1
Seminar 1 3
Forum 1 1
Seminar 2 3
Forum 2 1
Year 2
DM 820 1
Seminar 3 3
Forum 3 1
Seminar 4 3
Forum 4 1
Year 3
Seminar 5 3
Forum 5 1
Seminar 6 (capstone seminar) 3
Forum 6 1
Final Project (years 3-6)
Final Project/Dissertation 6
Tutorial 0
Total 32 units


  • 1 one-week intensive = 40 hours in-seat classroom time = 3 units
  • Each seminar includes 1 unit of online community interaction, which consists of online discussion forums that “meet” periodically between intensives.
  • Workload estimate: 1 credit hour would entail 500-800 pages (reading) and 10-15 pages (written).
  • Some classes may be held offsite (not at the Portland campus).
  • Final project may be dissertation, ministry-focused project or collaborative work. The final project can be completed in 1 - 3 years after the completion of the capstone seminar – students have up to six years to complete the entire program. We have designed our program to facilitate completing one’s degree in four years.

Important Note:

Some assembly required… Because we are taking a cohort approach, classes start when a cohort has the minimum number of students needed for a track to be done well. The size depends in large part on the cost of instruction (adjunct professors and guest presenters who augment and deepen the classroom work of the faculty mentors).