DMin Distinctives


The program follows a cohort model meaning a group of students will experience their entire “in-class” doctoral education together.

The tracks are led by resident faculty serving as teaching mentors to cohort members.

Courses will be taught as two one-week or one two-week intensive seminars annually for 3 years. Students will have 6 courses that emphasize different facets of their ministry track focus. Online interaction will augment classroom instruction by cultivating discussion and community between seminar meetings.

Some courses will be held “off-site” located in specific settings to further the impact of education by being where ministry takes place.

A variety of perspectives will be offered through instruction provided by faculty mentors, and adjunct professors and guest presenters selected by a track’s faculty mentor.

Why Multnomah?

We think there are many good reasons to come to Multnomah, but here are some attributes that we believe make this program unique and significant:

Resident faculty – Current Multnomah faculty lead each track as the faculty mentor. Our faculty are committed to Multnomah’s values (which include biblical authority, Christian witness, orthopraxis, and intentional integration of bible and theology into contemporary culture), and these values undergird the program’s curricula.

Distinct and relevant – Our ministry tracks play to our strengths and emphasize areas where Multnomah already makes significant contributions to the Kingdom and God’s people.

We recognize and appreciate the good work of other seminaries in their respective programs. In some areas of ministry, it is unnecessary to replicate what is already being done well.

Recognized instructors and connected ministry networks – All course instructors are trusted and respected for what they do and know. Students participate in existing relationships when faculty mentors bring in adjunct faculty and guest presenters to help teach the courses – you study with people who are friends and colleagues of your faculty mentor.

Each track of the program provides opportunities to learn from respected instructors. In addition to their classroom work, guest lecturers speak to local ministry leaders in the school's Advanced Ministry Lectureship series.

These are some of the lectures we've had:

Some of the instructors you will have the opportunity to study with include:

Proven ministry experience – Our faculty live what they teach. We, as Christians, reside in a fallen world and bringing Christ into our everyday context is imperative. Students learn alongside passionate practitioners who intentionally engage those around them in their professional and personal lives.

Focused coursework – Courses you take emphasize your field of interest. 100% of your in-class seat time is in your ministry track. Over 90% of your academic work is dedicated to your ministry track (30 out of 32 credit hours). The core course work you take is determined by your faculty mentor, and they have tailored the program to meet specific educational and ministerial outcomes.

The money you invest into this program is a gift – from God to you, and you to us. We are partners to your stewardship of these funds so we have purposely designed our program to maximize instruction in your chosen area of ministry focus.