When should I apply?

The sooner, the better is our preference. The application could take an applicant up to a couple of weeks to complete because of the time it can take to collect transcripts and answer essay questions. In addition, prayer and a conversation with a spouse about the program and enrolling, could take some time.

When does the work start?

To prepare for the upcoming classes, the syllabus and pre-course assignments will be sent before the seminars start.

How will the online coursework work?

DM 810, DM 820 and interaction will be concurrent with the online discussion forums.

The online “labs” associated with the seminars will begin after the seminars end. Your faculty mentor will coordinate with your cohort to discuss when and how often the online forum discussions will be held. They will also let you know their expectations on what constitutes substantive participation in the online portion of your work.

What can you tell me about housing?

DMin students are eligible for short-term summer housing on campus during the summer intensives. Accommodations are for the student only; unfortunately, we do not have accommodations for a student’s family. If you plan to bring your family, we can direct you toward local area hotels.

The accommodations will be single rooms for each DMin. Amenities include:

  • Full kitchen access with basic cookware provided
  • Linens/bedding available for a small fee
  • On-campus storage for one bin of personal items throughout the duration of your studies in the program

To make arrangements for accommodations, please visit the Summer Housing page and print, complete, and return the summer school housing application.

How much will the program cost and is financial aid available?

Go to this page for specific details about tuition and financial aid and review the DMin Tuition and Financial Aid (PDF) for other ideas and options.

Students in the DMin program are encouraged to pursue private loans, grants and scholarships. Our program is not eligible for federal student loans.

A payment plan is available and can be found under student accounts at the tuition & financial aid page.

What if I come up short with the admissions requirements?

If you come up short in any of these criteria (grades, degree and/or experience), you can contact the director to discuss your qualifications.

What if I am an international applicant?

You can download this document for more information about the application process for international applicants.