Missional Leadership Track

The Missional Leadership track builds on and enhances the abilities of church and ministry leaders to equip and mobilize the people in their church or organization to advance God’s Kingdom by intentionally leading disciples to engage their cultural context and proclaim the Gospel. This is done through holistic missional engagement that proclaims the Gospel in the cultural language of their community and demonstrates the compassion, mercy and justice of God through tangible ministry initiatives that deal with the unique issues of the particular community in which they serve.


As the lead pastor of Imago Dei Community, Dr. Rick McKinley brings a wealth of experience to the classroom -- by leading, doing, and partnering. Guest lecturers of this track are actively involved in ministry and advance the Kingdom in significant ways.

The next intensive course for the Missional Leadership track is May 22-26, 2017.  If you would like to join this track, please contact Admissions and/or the program director, Greg Dueker at gdueker@multnomah.edu.

We also offer an MA degree that shares the same core classes as the DMin program, a Master of Arts in Applied Theology (MAAT). This degree is designed for ministry leaders with significant ministry experience. Entrance into this degree program hinges primarily upon approval by the track supervisor, along with meeting the relevant admissions requirements. Contact the DMin program director, Derek Chinn at dchinn@multnomah.edu, for further details.

Dr. Rick McKinley is the lead pastor of Imago Dei Community.