Master's in Biblical Studies

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies offers a specialization in Bible, biblical interpretation, and theology. Central to the program are a student's abilities to work with original language tools and to research theological topics. The MABS emphasizes the production of scholarly biblical and theological research projects.

Program outcomes

Graduates of the MABS program will be able to:

  • Defend and articulate their ethical and theological system
  • Solve interpretative problems in the biblical text
  • Use the best available exegetical tools for biblical study
  • Perform scholarly independent research
  • Produce and defend scholarly research papers and/or a thesis

Vocational options

This program of concentrated biblical and theological study prepares students for vocations related to Bible education including:

  • The missionary candidate who needs a degree in Bible to qualify for evangelical missionary agencies and/or entrance into certain foreign lands as a missionary
  • The teacher who wants to instruct in biblical and theological areas for Christian educational institutions
  • The writer who wishes to be conversant with biblical and theological subjects
  • Those involved in parachurch organizations who desire a broader expertise in support of teaching and discipleship activities

For further details and information on admission and graduation requirements, please visit our catalog.

Online option

Our MA in Biblical Studies program is available online. Because of the unique approach our professors take for teaching the Hebrew language, the Hebrew language courses are not online.  The instruction is relational and structured with a mentoring component. We are working to get it online but it is a work in progress. You are welcome to contact us about what makes our Hebrew instruction different and how we could help advance your studies in this area.

Costs and financial aid

Tuition for 2017-18 is $520/credit.

View cost details and financial aid options here.