Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Multnomah's three-year Master of Divinity program is designed to provide professional training in pastoral and related fields for those seeking a lifetime of ministry leadership. The program immerses you in biblical studies, theological reflection, spiritual formation, cultural engagement and leadership skill development.

The M.Div. degree provides a solid foundation for leaders in a variety of ministry settings, including local church leadership (senior/solo pastors, church staff, church planting), cross-cultural ministry, chaplaincy, community development, as well as preparation for postgraduate studies. The M.Div. is a 78-unit degree.

Students select electives to craft their degree to suit their interests and calling. They can focus their studies in areas such as: 

  • Bible Exposition
  • Christian Thought
  • Exegetical Studies
  • Global Development and Justice
  • Intercultural/Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Spiritual Formation

Advanced standing

Bible college graduates and Christian liberal arts graduates who have the equivalent biblical and theological base do not repeat this foundation, but build upon it in their education. Students can waive up to 19 units of coursework and credit, reducing the program to as few as 59 units.

Mentored ministry

Integral to this program is a concurrent, sequenced and closely supervised mentored ministry program in which you are able to apply insights from the classroom to real-life experience. You will gain wisdom from and apply practical skills under the guidance of a ministry mentor, bringing relevant ministry issues to the classroom for significant faculty-peer interaction. 

Accessible and flexible

The M.Div. program is also available through Multnomah Biblical Seminary distance education program, which includes teaching sites in Reno, NV and online.

Multnomah’s convenient one-day-a-week schedule makes it possible for working students to complete a degree without leaving their jobs.

Program outcomes

At the completion of the M.Div. program, graduates will be able to:

  • Exhibit spiritual growth as wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ through engaging the recognized practices of Christian formation nourished by the Word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit, and be able guide others in a similar personal relationship with Christ.
    • Graduates will be able to articulate biblical spirituality, have a basic awareness of the history of Christian spirituality, and understand respectful engagement with spiritual traditions other than their own.
    • Graduates will demonstrate godly character, exhibited by spiritual, emotional, and relational maturity, discernment, and a willingness to listen and to change.
    • Graduates will be able to lead people to a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to encourage the spiritual growth of Christians.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the contents of the Bible and competence in biblical interpretation.
    • Graduates will understand the basic dimensions of the biblical terrain, including the contents of the English Bible.
    • Graduates will demonstrate grammatical acuity in reading and translating the Greek text of the New Testament, and an ability to exegete passages from the Greek text of the New Testament.
    • Graduates will be able to communicate biblical research to a variety of audiences.
  • Reflect theologically on life and ministry from biblical, historical and constructive theological perspectives in ways that are consistent with evangelical orthodoxy.
    • Graduates will articulate a basic understanding of the central doctrines of historic orthodoxy and evangelical conviction.
    • Graduates will develop a capacity for theological research in several areas of theology: biblical theology, historical theology, constructive theology and ethics, apologetics/philosophical theology.
    • Graduates will demonstrate a capacity for constructive theological reflection and an ability to voice their own theological positions, culminating in a personal statement of faith.
  • Understand and engage their cultural context.
    • Graduates will demonstrate a basic understanding of culture, including religious expressions, and an ability to exegete the cultural settings of their ministries.
    • Graduates will articulate a biblical theology of evangelism and missions.
    • Graduates will develop an ability to communicate the gospel effectively in intercultural and/or cross-cultural settings.
    • Graduates will exhibit a commitment to missions.
  • Model competent and Christ-like ministry leadership in the Church and marketplace.
    • Graduates will exhibit appropriate self-awareness of their leadership skills, abilities, and gifts.
    • Graduates will be able to articulate and execute a biblical vision and philosophy of ministry.
    • Graduates will be able to communicate the Word of God effectively to a variety of audiences.
    • Graduates will demonstrate compassionate pastoral care of people.
    • Graduates will utilize effective practices to inspire, teach, equip and mobilize for ministry those entrusted to their leadership.

Student stories

Kunane Hillen discovered a way to unite his passion for ministry and his heart for the Hawaiian people.

Geneva Arnold found rigorous academics and meaningful friendships at MU's Reno-Tahoe campus.

Emil Khooda is now able to speak meaningfully into peoples' lives as a hospital chaplain.

Online option

Our M.Div. program is offered in a fully online format. Learn more about MU Online.

For further details and information on admission and graduation requirements, please visit our catalog.

Costs and financial aid

Tuition for 2017-18 is $520/credit.

View cost details and financial aid options here.