Chaplaincy Track

M.Div./Chaplaincy Track

The Chaplaincy is a growing ministry opportunity bringing spiritual hope and healing to people working through personal challenge or crisis.

The M.Div./Chaplaincy Track offers specialized training for students preparing for ministry in an institutional setting:

  • Military: Army, Navy/Marines, Air Force
  • Hospital
  • Senior Living Centers/Assisted Living/Hospice/Recovery
  • Correctional Facilities
  • First Responders (Police, Fire)
  • Industrial/Corporation
  • Sports Teams
  • Educational Institutions

Curriculum. The M.Div./Chaplaincy Track is a 94 unit degree which includes significant coursework in pastoral care and counseling skills needed in a institutional ministry setting. These include courses offered in Multnomah University MA in Counseling program. The track does not require biblical languages.

In addition to coursework, students in the M.Div./Chaplaincy Track can receive credit for specialized training, such as the seven-week Chaplain Training School (Ft. Jackson, SC) and Clinical Pastoral Education units (see CPE requirements and training hospitals). Download the university catalog for more information.

Students with a Bible college degree or a major in Bible from a Christian liberal arts college or university may be eligible to waive up to 15 units of course and credit.

Admissions and continuation requirements. Students applying to the program need to provide evidence that they are pursuing an institution or agency that supervises the hiring of chaplains.