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MA in Christian Leadership

Effective church leaders are motivated and equipped to introduce others to Christ and to guide disciples toward spiritual maturity in Christ. To be equipped for such a task requires both a thorough knowledge of Scripture and a variety of complementary ministry skills. Multnomah offers a Master of Arts program with a choice of emphases (Family Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Global Development & Justice, Ministry Management, Spiritual Formation, and Women's Ministry) that are designed to prepare Christian servant-leaders for specialized ministry positions.

Educational Philosophy

The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership is a two-year professional degree program designed to prepare graduates for part-time or full-time ministries in supportive staff positions in the local church or through parachurch organizations. (The student interested in an ordination track should consider the Master of Divinity program.)

Practical features are built into the program through a sequenced mentored ministry program that is central to the core curriculum. Each student is supervised by an experienced mentor and guided by resident faculty who assist in the skill-learning process. We desire to graduate students who possess both the requisite knowledge for ministry and the experience of an affirming mentored ministry.


Graduates of the MACL program will be able to:

  • Minister in a support role based upon an ability to serve with a clear biblical and theological foundation;
  • Understand the nature of the family and develop strategies from a biblical perspective in light of contemporary culture;
  • Support pastors of local churches in matters of leadership and people management;
  • Utilize a variety of communication skills, including expository preaching, small group leadership, teaching, and one on one dialogue;
  • Assess counseling needs and develop listening, guidance and relational skills.

For further details and information on admission and graduation requirements, please visit our catalog.

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