Multnomah University

Educational Ministries

The mission of the Educational Ministries major is to equip students to provide skillful leadership for the educational challenges of contemporary society. Using some of the best concepts from the fields of education, psychology, and leadership, this program will cause you to think deeply and theologically about ministry that transforms.

At Multnomah, you will major in Bible and theology and will learn about the first part of the Great Commandment found in Matthew 22-how to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind. A second major of Educational Ministries will teach you about the second part of the Great Commandment – how to lovingly understand, develop, and lead people.

The Educational Ministries degree equips you to love people well in three ways:

  1. Understanding People - People are the apex of God's creation – objects of His affection and agents of His purposes. We believe every effective minister should seek to deeply understand and love people, to explore how they grow and develop, and to perceive what makes them who they are (1 Timothy 1:5).
  2. Designing Ministry - Leaders are needed to develop and refine strategies that reach and nurture people into an abiding walk with Christ (Colossians 1:28-29). We believe the next generation of ministers will need to think more creatively and incisively than ever before about how to provide effective ministry to this complex and rapidly changing world.
  3. Developing Leaders - The task of an effective minister is one of equipping – to prepare the people of God for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11). Raising disciples who will go themselves and make disciples lies at the heart of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We believe in the strategic importance of multiplying leaders.

Here are some reasons to join the Educational Ministries program

Where will I work/serve when I am finished with school having an Ed Min Degree?

Wherever God calls – church, school, parachurch, missions, marketplace

  • Church – Recent graduates (Tim and Keith) have been called by local churches to be Youth Pastors. Another grad (Ted) is serving as a Pastoral Intern in a Portland church.

  • School – Recent graduate (Kate) served in an educational support role in a Chinese school for the blind before settling into a 6th grade teaching role in a local private Portland school. Six graduates from the past several years (Colin, Amy, Matt, Meagan, Kim, and Danny) are currently employed by Multnomah in a variety of capacities.

  • Parachurch/Missions – A recent grad (Josh) served as an outdoor educator in Holsbybrunn Sweden with Torchbearers International. A couple of other grads (Devin and Sara) are serving in homeless/rescue missions locally.

  • Marketplace – A recent graduate (Brandon) is working as a Business Intern for a large national publications firm. Another recent grad (Meredith) serves in a local mental health facility.

Will an Ed Min Degree prepare me for Grad School should God call me in that direction?

The following students from the past two graduating classes with Educational Ministries Majors and their respective schools have answered with a resounding “Yes”.

  • Dylan B. (Azusa Pacific)
  • Amanda B. (Western Seminary)
  • Nikki M. (Multnomah – MAT)
  • Paul P. (Western Seminary)
  • Conni S. (George Fox)

What are my options to “specialize” with the Ed Min Major?

There are four concentrations that are available currently.

  • Ministry Leadership – The emphasis in this concentration is to prepare you for a leadership role in church/school/parachurch/missions/marketplace. Many past students have used this concentration as a springboard into graduate school as well.
  • Family Ministry – The emphasis here is to prepare you for a role in the church or parachurch.
  • Recreational Leadership – Our newest concentration is popular with those who see themselves leading in a parachurch role such as camp or adventure ministry.
  • Women’s Ministry– The emphasis here is to prepare you for a role in the church or parachurch.

Why does an Ed Min Major/Minor prepare me so well for the future?

Educational Ministries combines the best of educational methodology with the social science disciplines of psychology and sociology and leadership theory to elicit change agents for the church and culture. As an Ed Min Major you will be a solid assessor of the times in which you live so that you can know what to do as an influencer of truth, excellence, hope, and opportunity wherever God calls.

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