Running Start and Dual Credit Programs FAQ

I’m in high school, and I’m completing credit through a dual program (such as Running Start). Am I considered a transfer student?

If all of your college credit is completed during high school, you will be classified as a “freshman with college credit” rather than a transfer student. Students in this category are still eligible to be considered for first-time freshman scholarships. Here's a full list of our undergraduate scholarships.

Will my credits transfer?

The answer to this question is generally yes. In order for credit to be transferrable, the student needs to earn a C- or better in a college level course at an accredited institution. 

Often students want to know how their credit will apply toward graduation requirements. Our transfer specialist can take a look at your transcripts and give you a personalized evaluation specific to your needs. (Find her contact info at the bottom of this page.)

What classes should I take?

If you are planning to complete the Associate of Arts prior to high school graduation, it is recommended that you follow the advice of your academic advisor at your current college. 

If you are not planning to complete the full AA degree or you have questions about which courses will transfer well into your program, contact the transfer specialist for personalized support. (Find her contact info at the bottom of this page.)

We do have transfer guides for many community colleges, and many students find it helpful to consult the guide for their community college when planning their courses. Check out our Community College Transfer Guides for more info. 

I want to become a teacher. What classes should I take at my community college?

Transfer students wishing to enroll in Multnomah’s teacher education program should use this layout as a guide for general education courses that will transfer into the program.

I have (or will have) an Associate of Arts. Will you accept it?

Yes, we will. A student transferring with an Associate of Arts is typically able to waive the freshman and sophomore general education requirements, or approximately two years of coursework. 

Do I need to submit SAT or ACT scores?

Multnomah University is a test optional school, and students are not required to submit test scores for admission. Test scores are used to determine academic scholarship eligibility, so for students eligible for first-time freshmen scholarships, it is recommended to submit test scores. Here's a full list of our undergraduate scholarships.

How do I set up a campus visit?

Visiting campus is a great way to experience student life at Multnomah! We have several visit events throughout the year, and we can also set up personalized visits. To register for a visit event or request a personalized visit, click here.