Undergraduate Transfer Student FAQ

Will my credits transfer?

The answer to this question is generally yes. In order for credit to be transferrable, the student needs to earn a C- or better in a college level course at an accredited institution.

Often students want to know how their credit will apply toward graduation requirements. Our transfer specialist can take a look at your transcripts and give you a personalized evaluation specific to your needs. 

I have (or will have) an Associate of Arts. Will you accept it?

Generally, yes we will. A student transferring with an AAOT (Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer) or equivalent is able to waive the freshman and sophomore general education requirements, or approximately two years of coursework. 

How long will it take me to graduate?

The answer to this question depends on how much transferrable credit you start with and which academic program you’re working toward. Most of our programs are designed for a transfer student transferring with an Associate of Arts degree to complete in two years of full time study.  

Some majors have a larger credit load, such as Elementary Education or Business, and can take up to three years if a student transfers with an Associate of Arts.

Is Multnomah accredited?  What is accreditation, and why does it matter?

Yes, Multnomah University is fully accredited, both regionally and nationally.

Accreditation is a process of validation in which a university is evaluated by an outside accrediting body. Accreditation is important in higher education because it helps students know that they are getting an education from an institution that is held to high standards of quality. Regional accreditation allows greater transferability of credits for students and graduates to almost any institution of higher education.

Multnomah is accredited by the following accrediting agencies:

I want to become a teacher, what classes should I take at my community college?

Transfer students wishing to enroll in Multnomah’s teacher education program should use this layout as a guide for general education courses that will transfer into the program.

I completed credit at an unaccredited institution. Will my credit transfer?

Some of it may, and the transfer specialist can work with you to help determine how much of your credit will be accepted. If an institution is not accredited and we do not have an articulation agreement in place, MU will evaluate the content of the course and faculty. If courses and faculty are determined to be equivalent, Multnomah University will accept a maximum of 12 semester hours.

MU has articulation agreements with a handful of unaccredited schools, which allows students to transfer more credit to MU than they otherwise could: Multnomah University honors specific articulated agreements with Canby Bible College, North Portland Bible College, Pacific Bible College, Portland Bible College and Portland Community College. Contact the Registrar’s Office for more detail. 

Do you have scholarships for transfer students?

Yes, we do! You can find information about all of our institutional aid, including academic merit scholarships, on our financial aid page

Do I need to submit SAT scores?

Multnomah University is a test optional school, and students are not required to submit test scores for admission.

How do I set up a campus visit?

Visiting campus is a great way to experience student life at Multnomah! We have several visit events throughout the year, and we can also set up personalized visits. To register for a visit event or request a personalized visit, click here.

I’m an older student. Will I fit in at MU?

Multnomah is a very transfer friendly institution, and we are confident you’ll feel right at home in our community! Approximately 50% of undergraduate students enrolled have transferred from other universities.

Can I live on campus?

There are many housing options for students to choose from, including single apartments, residence halls and apartments adjacent to our campus. Check out our housing page for more details. 

I’m in high school, and I’m completing credit through a dual program (such as running start). Am I considered a transfer student?

Please see the Running Start and Dual Credit Programs FAQ page. 

Contact our admissions team at 503.251.6485 or admissions@multnomah.edu with any questions.