Reno Tahoe Campus


2015-2016 Tuition Costs

Reno-Tahoe Courses - $345/credit
Online Courses - $415/credit
Audit Hours - $50/credit
Tech Fees - $100 per semester (required)

**All cost figures reflect a 2.9% increase for the 2015-2016 academic year. For prospective students in the 2015-2016 academic year, please contact the Reno-Tahore campus at 775.849.4983.

Click here for 2016-17 tuition rates.

Financial Aid 

  Type of Aid   Amount   Intended For   Add'l Information   Deadline  
  Multnomah University Grant - Reno   $75/credit   Students enrolled in the undergraduate program at Reno-Tahoe campus   Scholarship reduces tuition to $270/credit (does not apply to online credits)   ASAP  
  Federal Pell Grant   Up to $5,775   Students with high need according to FAFSA   Complete financial aid process as soon as possible   ASAP  
  Stafford Loans - Subsidized   Up to $5,500   Students enrolled at least half-time; restrictions apply   No interest while enrolled at least half-time; based on need according to FAFSA   ASAP  
  Stafford Loans - Unsubsidized   Up to $2,000   Students enrolled at least half-time   Accrues interest at rate of 4.66%   ASAP  
  Stafford Loans - Additional Unsubsidized   Up to $5,000   Students who are enrolled at least half-time; must be independent, or a dependent with parent denied PLUS   Accrues interest at rate of 4.66%   ASAP  
  PLUS Loans   Varies   Dependent student whose parent is approved by a basic credit check   Amount varies based on credit; accrues interest at rate of 7.21%; loan is taken by parent   ASAP  


Remember: A current FAFSA is required in order to receive any Multnomah or federal financial aid.

Fee Structure (per semester):

Technology Fee    $100    6 or more credits; every student including  extension sites.
Technology Fee    $50    Less than 6 credits; every student including extension sites