Refunds are created when there is an excess of financial aid, overpayment, withdrawal from school, or a reduction of credit hours. You will be notified by email when the check is available for pickup.

Financial Aid

Refund checks will be available within 14 days after aid has been applied to your Student Account. A refund for withdrawal or reduction in credit hours will be made available once all paperwork has been completed and will be determined by the percentages below.

A complete withdrawal from the institution may necessitate a return of federal financial aid. For our full policy on return of Title IV fund calculations, please click here.

Reduction of credits only pertains to traditional programs.

  • 100% during the 1st week of classes
  • 75% during the 2nd and 3rd week of classes
  • 50% during the 4th and 5th week of classes
  • No refund for reducing credit hours beyond the 5th week of classes.

Withdrawal from School:

  • 100% during the 1st week of classes
  • 90% during the 2nd week of classes
  • 80% during the 3rd week of classes
  • 70% during the 4th week of classes
  • 60% during the 5th week of classes
  • 50% during the 6th week of classes

Online College Courses:

  • 100% for each course not started or during the 1st week
  • 60% during the 2nd week

Adult Degree Completion/MAC:

  • 100% before attending
  • 75% after attending one class meeting
  • 50% after attending two class meetings

Summer School Refunds:

  • 100% before the first day of class
  • 90% after attending the first day
  • 80% after attending the second day
  • No refunds beyond this day