Student Tax Information

1098-T Form

The IRS requires all eligible educational institutions to create and file a 1098-T Form for each student that is enrolled in their institution during each calendar year. Multnomah University, in conjunction with ECSI, creates and files this form for each student. Multnomah University creates 1098-T’s based on eligible tuition and fees charged and scholarships and grants received on your account during the calendar year. Multnomah does not report the amount paid. Taxpayers must use their own records for tuition payments.


How can I get my 1098-T Form electronically?

Please sign up for electronic receipt of your 1098-T through ECSI’s website. You must sign up before December 31st in order to receive your 1098-T electronically.

When can I expect to receive my 1098-T?

All 1098-T’s will be mailed by January 31st. Your 1098-T will be mailed to your permanent address that is on file as of December 31st. If you have signed up for electronic submission through ECSI, you will receive an email from ECSI when your 1098-T is available.

What if I do not receive my 1098-T Form by January 31st?

If you have not received your 1098-T by January 31st, please contact Student Accounts

What if my Social Security Number is incorrect?

If your SSN is incorrect, please fill out the attached W-9S. Submit the form to Student Accounts and request an updated 1098-T form. w-9S form

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