2017-18 Tuition and Fees

Cost before financial aid (per year)

  Type Cost  
  Tuition  $24,100  
  Room and Board (more info) $8,560  
  Total of Required Fees  $580  

Detailed tuition rates before financial aid

  Type Cost  
  College  1-11.5 hours $760/hour  
  College Semester Block 12-18 hours $12,050/semester  
  College  18.5+ hours $520/hour  
  College Fieldwork $260/hour  
  College Online $465/hour  
  Summer Classes $500/credit  
  Audit  $60/credit  

Fee structure (per year)

  Type Cost  
  Student Government Association $340  
  Technology fee $240  


Note: Some courses may have associated fees ranging from $20-$70. Private music lessons are $320. 

Financial Aid

Financial Aid can be an important part of paying for college, and we believe that a good blend of merit and need-based aid is the best way to help students achieve their goals.

You must be enrolled in the full-time block tuition (12-18 lecture credits) to be considered for the awards below. The priority deadline is August 1, unless otherwise noted. Fill out a FAFSA to qualify for federal aid.

2017-18 Scholarships

To calculate your academic scholarship, add the dollar amounts that correspond to you GPA, test score and class rank (if applicable) and refer to the Top Academic Scholarships table below.

Estimate Your Academic Scholarship

  GPA + SAT / ACT + Class Rank  
+ 1440+ / 31-32
+ Top 5%
+ 1360-1439 / 29-30
+ Top 10%
+ 1280-1359 / 27-28
+ Top 15%
+ 12,00-1279 / 25-26
+ Top 20%


Top Academic Scholarships

  Type of Aid   Amount  
  Trustee's Scholarship   $10,000  
  Founder's Scholarship   $8,000-$9,500  
  President's Scholarship   $5,000-$7,500  
  Dean's Scholarship   $3,000-$4,500  

2017-2018 Grants and Awards*

Grants and Awards

  Type of Aid   Amount   Requirements  
  Cultural Engagement Scholarship   up to $5,000   The CE Scholarship is awarded to students who have overcome adversity and seek to increase awareness and cultural sensitivity within the community. Additional application required.  
  Multnomah University Grant   up to $5,000   MU Grant is need-based and is determined by institutional methodology.  
  Alumni Award   $1,000   One parent must have graduated from any Multnomah University program.
Renewable 4 years
  AWANA Citation Award   $1,000   AWANA citation recipients will have completed 10 books and activities between 3rd and 12th grade.
Renewable 4 years
  Christian Service Award    $1,000   At least one parent is in full-time ministry as a pastor or missionary.
Renewable 4 years
  Military Service Award   $1,000   Award for honorably discharged veterans who did not receive 100% Post-9/11 GI Bill.
Renewable 4 years
  Multi-Student Award   $1,000   Available for two people from the same financial household enrolled at Multnomah University.
Renewable 4 years
  Campus Visit Scholarship   $500   Available for students who have participated in a "qualified visit" to Multnomah's Portland campus before August 1. Determination of a "qualified visit" is made by the Admissions and Financial Aid departments.
Schedule a visit or  call Admissions at 800.275.4672.

*Grants and awards in this table can be combined except athletic aid.

Priority consideration is given to students who are admitted and have a valid FAFSA on file by August 1st.

The information provided here pertains to undergraduate students enrolling at Multnomah University's Portland campus for the first time in Fall 2017 or Spring 2018. Students in Multnomah's adult degree completion programs and online programs are not eligible for institutional financial aid.


Federal Aid

Type of Aid Amount Intended For Add'l Info Deadline
Federal Pell Grant Up to $5,920 Students with high need according to FAFSA Complete financial aid process as soon as possible  ASAP
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Up to $400 Full-time students who are eligible for Pell Grant Complete financial aid process as soon as possible  ASAP
Federal Work-Study $1,500 Students with need according to FAFSA Earnings through work are paid directly to student; allows for more on- and off-campus job opportunities  ASAP
Stafford Loans - Subsidized Up to $5,500 Students enrolled at least half-time; restrictions apply No interest while enrolled at least half-time; based on need according to FAFSA  ASAP
Stafford Loans - Unsubsidized Up to $2,000 Students enrolled at least half-time Accrues interest at rate of 6.0  ASAP
Stafford Loans - Additional Unsubsidized Up to $5,000 Students who are enrolled at least half-time; must be independent, or a dependent with parent denied PLUS Accrues interest at rate of 6.0%  ASAP
Parent PLUS Loans Varies Dependent student whose parent is approved by a basic credit check Amount varies based on credit; accrues interest at rate of 7.0%; loan is taken by parent  ASAP
Alternative Loans Varies Student who needs additional funds for school-related expenses Amount varies based on credit; accrues interest at a variable rate set by lender  ASAP
Veterans' Benefits Varies Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces Contact VA Office and Registrar to coordinate funds  ASAP