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Principles of Decision Making, by Multnomah University professor Garry Friesen, will help you understand God’s will in a new light. Following these principles, you can have freedom to use your God-given wisdom to make good choices, confident that you are within His parameters for your life.  


About the Book

  • Based on Garry Friesen's best selling book Decision Making and the Will of God: A Biblical Alternative to the Traditional View
  • Explores how to wrestle with difficult choices
  • Includes Biblical principles to find God's will

Note from the Author

As I neared high school graduation, I had to choose between two fine colleges. Which one did God want me to attend?

Whether you’re choosing a college or graduate school, considering marriage, evaluating which career path is right, or facing some other decision, I hope this booklet will prove helpful to you. God bless you as you follow Him.



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