Chapter meetings can bring a bit of Multnomah to your area. They are wonderful times of extending the Multnomah family spirit beyond the Multnomah campus. Planning a meaningful chapter requires two things a common vision for what the chapter can beand one or more people to serve as local coordinators for the chapter meetings.

What is involved in a Chapter?

  1. The primary activity of the Area Chapters is to host one chapter event per year. Multnomah's Alumni Relations department -- in partnership with the Area Chapter Coordinator -- develop the details of the event. There are several different activities that can contribute to this time.
    1. Invite a person of special interest to alumni (such as a professor from Multnomah, an alumnus, or a friend of the school) to share some thoughts and challenges from the Word.
    2. Host a special time of worship and prayer for one another and the school.
    3. Share stories and reports of what God is doing on campus and through the alumni
  2. In addition to an annual gathering, each Area Chapter can determine the use of other methods for ongoing contact such as email messages, phone contacts, and in-person gatherings which would serve to develop and maintain the healthy "Multnomah family atmosphere" among the alumni in the area.
  3. These chapters also serve area alumni and Multnomah's placement department by being a touch-point in meeting the needs of both alumni and potential employers.
  4. Each Area Chapter can develop an "Area Scholarship" which would be available to students coming to Multnomah from that area. This can be accomplished by contributions to an endowment at Multnomah that Multnomah would manage, taking into consideration input of the Area Chapter.