Adele Morgan

Adele Morgan
Adele Morgan Assoc. '84 ex.
  • Alaska Regional Representative



Assoc. '84 ex. - Multnomah University

Favorite Quote

"I have enjoyed being able to take part in encouraging students, making decisions and spreading the word that Multnomah is a great place to learn and grow."

Adele is a singer/songwriter and recording artist from Wasilla, Alaska. She grew up in an Athabaskin Indian village, where her parents were missionaries. She has an active national music ministry and serves as an Artist Associate with World Vision. 

Adele attends Wasilla Bible Church. She and her husband Alan have one daughter and a son-in-law who is a Marine, and they have two beautiful grandchildren. In her free time, she enjoys playing golf, volleyball and tennis.

Why I serve at MU

Although it's been years since my time at Multnomah, I remember it like it was yesterday. I have never regretted spending my OWN hard-earned money to attend Multnomah. The relationships I made with other students and faculty remain some of the truest relationships that I enjoy today.

I have always had the desire to learn more about God and to use my talents for his glory. I came from a Christian home and went to church all my life but I was never encouraged to use my “artistic and exhibitory” gifts, which were looked down upon as worldly and self-serving. Multnomah helped me to hone those talents and gave me biblical truths to help me understand that they were truly given God-given. I also learned that using them for God’s glory would give me eternal perspective and purpose in my life.

I grew in the knowledge of the Bible and of my Savior Jesus Christ. Through the wisdom, expertise and life experiences of my professors, mentors and other faculty, I was encouraged to live a Christ- like life in the face of a changing world.  Some of the words and aphorisms of those dear individuals still echo in my ears as I face life's twists and turns. It is always amazing to see Christians finish well and leave a legacy.  I can name several from Multnomah who have done just that.

I continued to stay in touch with MU after graduation and kept an eye on the school’s stance on keeping their Bible credit requirements as thesurrounding culture changed. I attended a class reunion and was pleased to see that Dr. Dan Lockwood was taking the school in a direction that I could genuinely stand behind. He explained to me that the culture changes but the word of God remains the same and that Multnomah was committed to continue preaching and teaching the gospel.

A few years ago, a lovely lady named Michelle Peel (Underwood) introduced herself at an MU gathering. We spent several hours sharing our testimonies and our sincere desire to see young and old continue in the process of growing: emotionally, physically and spiritually. Several months later, she invited me to serve on the Alumni Leadership Council. I said yes, and have enjoyed being able to take part in encouraging students, making decisions and spreading the word that Multnomah is a great place to learn and grow.

It's been a pleasure to work with the ALC to advance the gospel and help others reach their educational and spiritual goals while using their God-given gifts. I'm excited to see where Multnomah University is going in the next few years! It has been wonderful to hear directly from our new President, Dr.Craig Williford. I'm encouraged that his desire for MU is to continue to build a strong and competitive Biblical University. I am honored to serve Multnomah University.

Serving since 2011