Adrienne Fajen

Adrienne Fajen
Adrienne Fajen BS '90
  • ALC President
  • Local Regional Representative



BS '90 - Multnomah University
After graduating from Multnomah with her BS in 1990, Adrienne married Mike Fajen (grad class of 1989) and they began a family. She taught at three Portland area schools for 10 years as their three children (Drew, MU alum 2014; Elise GFU alum 2014; and Hannah) grew.
In 2013 Adrienne stopped teaching to join the Wind-Blox team to design and market bicycle safety gear with the goal of joining in entrepreneurial mission with friends she and Mike had made while they were Multnomah students.
Adrienne currently writes whole family curriculum for Spring Mountain Bible Church and loves opportunities to teach at places like SMBC and Eagle Fern Camp. 

Why I serve MU

When I moved into Memorial dorm in the fall of 1987 I remember hearing a lot about falling in love with the Savior and having people asking me whether I read my Bible.  While I did love the Savior and read my Bible, the next three years were so exhilarating!  To have time devoted to study, classmates to share ideas with, and professors dedicated to biblical, intellectual honesty was so very soul-filling and exciting.  I was able to work on campus and serve in student government, so MU was really my community.
After graduation and marriage to Mike Fajen (grad 1989), I helped raise a family, supported my husband in his ministry and worked as a teacher. When one of our daughters moved away to college, the opportunity opened up to serve on an advisory board there, and I jumped at it.  I was a member of the parent council's spiritual life committee for her university until she graduated.  It was a blessing to spend time working to enrich the students at that university and to also liaise with faculty, staff and parents who had the same kinds of goals for their students.
During that time I remember thinking that while I loved where I was serving, my heart was much more invested at Multnomah.  I faithfully read the newsletter, missed the Multnomah Message, attended Homecoming and other events and wished for the opportunity to be more a part of the community.  My husband served on the Alumni Leadership Council and would tell me of their efforts.  This last Spring we were invited to join a group of alumni to interview Dr. Craig and Carolyn Williford.  I remember thinking that if Multnomah were able to hire him, my desire to invest in MU would be at least doubled!  When I was invited to join the ALC, I was most happy to.
Hearing the vision for a biblical university, and being able to be a part of sharing that vision is exciting.  I believe that our world needs people who are trained with intellectual honesty like I was and who are also educated in a wider field of majors.  To have students who take Multnomah's deep commitment to the Word of God and apply it in fields of business, education, history, English and psychology as well as the majors that are more similar to those offered in the time I was a student is energizing.  A biblical university doesn't just teach majors and add a bit of Bible like frosting or a to-do, but rather inculcates all learning with Scripture. 
This is an education I believe in, this is a place that has served me.  Multnomah is where I want to serve.

Serving since 2014