Dr. Al Baylis

Al Baylis
Dr. Al Baylis Diploma, B.A., Th.M.
  • Th.M. Program Director
  • Professor Bible and Theology



Diploma - Moody Bible Institutes; B.A. - Eastern Michigan University; Th.M. - Ph.D. - Dallas Theological Seminary

Favorite Quote

“When you can’t trace God’s hand, you can always trust His heart.” –C.H. Spurgeon

Faith story

I grew up in a Christian family and am one of those who accepted Christ in early childhood. What a blessing! I recognize that even more as I see students who grew up in strongly dysfunctional settings and still struggle with those videos of what happened at home. I struggled during high school with what I should do with my life. My Dad was an electrical engineer for Westinghouse. I was good at math and so naturally I took steps toward that field. I was accepted at the University of Michigan, but nearing the end of my senior year felt very strongly that God had another path for me. 

I let my acceptance of the offer by the university expire even before I was accepted by Moody Bible Institute. My dad had been involved with church boards to the extent that he believed my ministry choice was naïve of me. But I was unwavering in my God-given desire and after long discussions my dad decided to approve and back my choice.

Why I teach at Multnomah

Ultimately I teach at Multnomah because two faculty members at Moody tapped me on the shoulder and suggested to “go as far as you can” and consider not just the pastorate, but a future teaching career. The Multnomah opportunity opened up when I finished all of my doctorate work except for the dissertation. And, so I headed west to the frontier without ever having been west of Texas. 

My first impression of Multnomah was that I had landed in the middle of a constant revival. Love was expressed. Care of each other was an evident quality of the student body. A desire to know and study the Bible made teaching a joy. And love for the Savior was paramount. And so I stayed and stayed and stayed.

Current ministry outside class

I preach occasionally with the preaching team at my church, as well as, teach an adult learning class one semester a year.

People who inspire me

I have been motivated by the writings of Francis A. Schaeffer on apologetics, especially He Is There and He Is Not Silent; the late A.W. Tozer through his books The Pursuit of God and The Knowledge of the Holy; F.F. Bruce for his faithfulness to Scripture and especially his little book, New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes that gave me inspiration for writing my first book, and On the Way to Jesus, that provided an overview of the Old Testament and showed how each book’s theme was fulfilled in Christ.

Favorite book and person in the Bible

The Book of Galatians encourages me that the Gospel is not by my effort and that I can do nothing to add to Christ’s work. It is being “in Him” by his grace that counts for everything. 

My favorite character is Jacob. I figure that if God can work with Jacob based on His Covenant, He will work with me as well.


My first wife of 19 years died as a result of an automobile accident in 1985. My second wife was planning to be a missionary to France, but I scooped her up to help me raise the children. Our family is dispersed. We have one child in heaven that we have missed greatly since 1998; a married daughter in Washington, D.C. who is a teacher of international law; a married daughter in San Diego; and a son who writes grants for a non-profit.