Prof. Benjamin Sand

Benjamin Sand
Prof. Benjamin Sand B.A., M.Div.
  • Youth Ministries



B.A. -Eastern Washington University; M.Div. -George Fox Evangelical Seminary

Where I come from

I was born in Spokane, Washington to a mother and father with great intentions. At the age of 6, my father died from brain cancer and my mother did her best to raise my siblings and me. I lived in Spokane until graduating from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelors degree in Education with a major in English. I moved to Portland immediately after college to work for Young Life in the inner city. I have a deep love for Portland and have surrendered my life to the Lord in this place. I am an “eastsider” and have a preferential option for the underdog in our town.

Why I teach at Multnomah

Multnomah University is strategically located in the city of Portland. I am concerned that as the world becomes more diverse and more urban, our youth ministry practitioners are not going to be equipped to serve students of color and underrepresented communities. I am at Multnomah to challenge students to love the city.

Current ministry outside class

I am the CEO for the Portland Leadership Foundation and the Strategic Vice President for Degrees of Change. I also have the privilege of serving as the Strategic Advisor to the President at Warner Pacific College. My professional life is very busy as I do my best to serve the Lord through developing multicultural leadership for the future of our region.

Education and research

Upon completing my undergraduate education at Eastern Washington University, I took the plunge and enrolled in seminary. After five years of working and going to school, I graduated with a M.Div. from George Fox Evangelical Seminary.

People who inspire me

I’m a follower of the Jesus-way. Jesus is the central figure of human history—it’s nearly impossible to exaggerate about him!

Favorite book in the Bible

I cannot get enough of the Gospel of John. The prologue (John 1:18) is deep enough to swim in for a lifetime, and the subsequent narrative that John uncoils throughout his gospel woo’s me to love Jesus all the more.

Extra-curricular, non-ministry activities

I could make an argument that I am one of the biggest Gonzaga basketball fans in all of Portland, Oregon. I am a Zag at the very core.

I enjoy sports, reading, writing, and spending time with young leaders. I am convinced that friendship in Jesus is critical to human flourishing, so you’ll find our family breaking bread with someone at least three nights per week.


My wife Maile and I have two little girls—Adah and Zoe. The women in my life bring me unexplainable joy. Our dog, Bartlet, is named after Josiah Bartlet of “The West Wing.” You’ll find us all watching re-runs of that epic show together on the couch from time-to-time.