Dr. Brad Harper

Brad Harper
Dr. Brad Harper B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.
  • Bible and Theology
  • MATS Program Director



B.A. - Biola University; M.Div. - Talbot Theological Seminary; Ph.D. - St. Louis University

Favorite Quote

“Father in Heaven! Hold not our sins up against us but hold us up against our sins so that the thought of You when it wakens in our soul, and each time it wakens, should not remind us of what we have committed but of what You did forgive, not of how we went astray but of how You did save us!” –Soren Kierkegaard

Where I come from

I grew up in California, in the Bay Area, where my son and I recently bicycled and skateboarded the streets of San Francisco for four days.

Faith story

I came to faith in Christ as a little boy one summer at my church’s Vacation Bible School. It made complete sense to me when the teacher told me that I was a sinner. What amazed me then and still stuns me today is that God loved me enough to want a relationship with me anyway.

Why I teach at Multnomah

I love the Multnomah community where the young people I hang out with are not only my students, but also often become my friends. It’s in this environment that we have the freedom to address the complex questions of life and faith with honesty and without fear.

People who inspire me

Henri Nouwen, Martin Luther King Jr., Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Bob Dylan inspire me.

Extra-curricular activities

I love bicycling with my wife, Robin, discussing history and art with my son, Drew, talking about the place of women in the world with my daughter, Breegan, and snow skiing with my son, Corey. I love art museums, listening to the blues, bird watching, and reading classic American novels.