Christopher Cleaver

Christopher Cleaver
Christopher Cleaver B.S., M.A, M.A., Ph.D. candidate
  • Director of Community Counseling Center
  • Assistant Professor of Counseling



B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies, Corban University; M.A - Counseling, Western Seminary; M.A. - Biblical and Theological Studies, Western Seminary; Ph.D. candidate - Oregon State University.

Spiritual Journey

By God’s grace the gospel traveled around the world to my family.  Just as I was coming into this world my parents were learning what it means to be disciples of Jesus.  I am very grateful that I benefited from growing up in the church and a home that honored Jesus.  Because of these influences I chose to become very involved in ministry at about 14 years old.  In high school I spent a lot of time at Bible studies and playing in Christian bands.  

At about 15 years old I began experiencing what St. John of the Cross refers to as the “dark night of the soul.”  I believe that God was maturing me through withdrawing the pleasure that I received from spiritual exercises so that I would be devoted to God directly. 

The greatest catalyst toward spiritual growth in my adult life was getting married.  My wonderful wife, and then my son, spurred me on to greater responsibility and maturity.  My current spiritual life is being shaped by a consideration of how Jesus wants me to respond in light of the needs of the poor, oppressed and marginalized and how I can respond in harmony with his heart for them. 

Counseling Background

The majority of my counseling work has been helping teenage boys after having broken the law and hurt others.  It was a welcome challenge to try to help these adolescents and their families to build strong, legal and healthy relationships with each other and with the community.  I have also had the great pleasure of working extensively with students at universities. 

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon and I am a Nationally Certified Counselor. I am currently ABD working on a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision at Oregon State University. I have experience as an individual, couples and family counselor as well as a supervisor and counselor educator.

Why I Teach at Multnomah

Training counselors at Multnomah is a privilege for me.  Here, I get to address a Christocentric worldview and how it forms and informs our counseling.