Prof. Daniel Gilmore

Daniel Gilmore Prof. Daniel Gilmore B.S., Elementary Education, M.S., Education
  • Elementary Education
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B.S., Elementary Education- Western Oregon University; M.S., Education- Western Oregon University

Where I come from:

I was born in Roseburg Oregon. My family lived way up the Clackamas River, next to Timber Lake, and the Ripplebrook Ranger Station. My dad was a heavy equipment mechanic for the Mt. National Forest. Once my older siblings were old enough to go to middle school, we moved to Estacada, where I lived, and attended Public School, until I moved away to college.

I went to Clackamas Community College on a Vocal Music Scholarship and earned my A.A. I transferred to Western Oregon University and earned my B.S. in Elementary Education, and Interdisciplinary Studies. I went back to Western after teaching for a few years, and earned my M.S. in Education.

Why I teach at Multnomah:

I have a passion for God, music and teaching. I value the gift that God has given me, and feel that I should use it not only in my own classroom, but I should use it to help others teach in their own classroom. I really enjoy teaching the students at Multnomah.

Current ministry outside class:

I am a Kindergarten teacher in the Oregon City School District. I have taught grades K, 3, 4, and 5. This is my sixteenth year of teaching. I incorporate a lot of music in the classroom. I also assist my wife in her Wednesday night school age ministry at our church. I enjoy playing in several worship teams as well. Depending on which week, I play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, or bass violin. I enjoy all four instruments and the way that each one fits differently into a band.

Education and research:

My Masters thesis consisted of learning multiplication facts in the third grade classroom through music, and movement. As I was researching, I was intrigued with using music and the arts as a way to help children learn.

People who inspire me:

Of course, my main inspiration would be Jesus Christ. I try to use his life as an example as the way I should live. I am also inspired by Abraham Lincoln as a man who persevered through many hardships throughout his entire life to become one of the most inspirational presidents in our history.

Favorite book in the Bible:

Like many people, Romans would be my favorite book in the Bible. I like how it is about living in the spirit, and not in the flesh. I enjoy living my life for Christ, and being thankful for all the things that God has given us. Roman’s reminds us that life is about loving God and loving others.

Extra-curricular, non-ministry activities:

I enjoy learning new music. I enjoy the upright jazz bass, and play in a jazz combo whenever we all get the time to do a gig together. I enjoy exercising and getting into the outdoors to enjoy God’s creation. I have also been a big Blazer fan since about 1980. I enjoy watching documentary TV shows, and my favorite food is Pepperoni pizza.


My family is my life. I met my beautiful bride Raelene while we were in our first year of teaching. We went to the same college, and graduated together, but did not meet until we were employed! I believe that God opened the door for us to get hired way down south of Roseburg so that we could meet. We have been married for fourteen years. She currently teaches the Kinderday program at Gaffney Lane Elementary (we actually work together), and she taught Kindergarten for seven years before we had children. We have three kids. Simon is eight and is in the LEEPS ESD program for autistic children. He does not talk, but he has recently started communicating in other ways. It has been exciting to see. Our second child is Sydney who is seven. She is a second grader, and she goes to the school that we teach at. It is very fun to get to take her to school every day and be a part of her triumphs. Our third, and spunkiest child is McKenzie. She just turned four. She is full of life, and energy. She definitely likes things to be her way! All three of them are very fun, and sweet kids. We also have two Labradors that are great with the kids. They are Tanner and Bella. All of my free time is spent with my wife and kids. Finding ways to learn new things, make fun memories, and watch the kids develop and grow into the people God has made them.