Dave Hardy

Dave Hardy
Dave Hardy B.A.
  • Creative Director/Lead Designer




B.A. - Linfield College

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A Creative Fellow

I thrive on creativity. Always have. From the time I was hired in 2004 I have worked to refine my skill and creative process as it relates to my various tasks here at the school, especially in the area of graphic design. As a fine arts minor in college, I enjoyed learning the building blocks that form the foundation of the work I do now. In fact, I still use many of the drawing, color, and composition skills I refined during that time; nearly all of my best designs start with pencil and paper.

As I have grown more serious about graphic design, I have enjoyed doing design projects on my own time, both for my own pleasure and enrichment, as well as other clients. These projects are done under the moniker Spaceman Design.


Music has been important to me for as long as I can remember, and I often have something playing in the background. When I'm not spending time with my wife and two kids or working on art projects, I play guitar and drums at church. I occasionally find spare moments to practice. 

Inspired By...

The Jetsons
60's and 70's Architecture
TRON: Legacy
LP Art
The U.K.
80's Nostalgia (my childhood)
Classic Cars