Dr. Doug Schaak

Doug Schaak
Dr. Doug Schaak B.A., M.A., D.A.
  • English Department Chair



B.A. - Butler University; M.A. - Butler University; D.A. - Idaho State University

Where I come from

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I grew up in North Dakota and Indiana. I played baseball, basketball, and football as a child, and continue my lifelong love-hate relationship with the game of golf as an adult. I pursued drama and literature at Butler University, then continued my studies at Idaho State University.

Prior to coming to Multnomah in 1998, I taught high school English at Faith Academy in Mobile, Alabama, college English at Pillsbury College in Owatonna, Minnesota, and general studies at Trinity Christian School in American Falls, Idaho. I served as a deacon at Pocatello Bible Church for one year before moving to Washington.

Family and extra-curricular, non-ministry activities

I married Libbey in 1992. We have three children, Hogan, Chloe and Ethan. I am the founder/past president of the Evergreen Curling Club and consider curling the noblest of all sports.

What I love about working at Multnomah

It is a privilege for me to work alongside men and women of such wonderful Christian character. Multnomah faculty and students form a strong body of Christ in Portland, and the effect of their work is felt around the world. Teaching students who will soon be leaders is a challenge and an awesome responsibility. I thank God for placing me in this place, and I trust that my work here will be added to His glory.